You came to me (in a dream last night)

You came to me in a dream last night
Telling me what to do
Give up giving up my son
Your day is up to you
Forget doubts and reliances
For no one else can do
What I’ve set out for you my son
What I’ve set out for you.

Wake up from your slumber now
Purify your life
Your flame is burning brightly now
Keep it burning bright
One step at a time my son
Take the steps you need
Know which ones I’m telling you
Your soul will take the lead.

Don’t be afraid with what you see
Don’t be afraid at all
The writing is on the wall
Take each step with dignity, humility and pride
Don’t forget you’re not alone
I am by your side.

Undo this veil of ignorance
Wrapped around our hearts
The time is now look deep inside
Make a brand new start
The truth is deep inside of you
A treasure to be found
The best way now to find that truth
You just don’t make a sound.

Be thankful there’s another day
Be thankful on your way
Don’t forget that each new breath
Is another way to say
Thank you for your guiding light
Illuminating way
I guess that’s one oul reason
Why I write these words today
(Why me ma she called me Ray)

You came to me in a dream last night

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