The Path

Look inside this faded glass
Tell me what you see
Plenty empty?
The choice is yours now time to make it
Clock is ticking race is on
Wake up from your head
Make it fake it
It’s only yourself that you’re fooling

Low low low, how low can you go?
High high high, now reach the sky
Deep sleep deep
Wake up now this path is waiting for you

Let the light control your feelings
actions night and day
Glowing flowing
From the first drop to the ocean


To feed a child
A helpless child, with nourishment and love
You want the best
 for that child, for strength to climb above
You keep it warm
Safe and dry, protect and offer sleep
Then stimulate and cultivate a love and freedom deep




We are all just, older children
Learn to feed ourselves

It’s easy to forget forget
It’s easy to be led
But  listen to our inner self
And our true path will be fed

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